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Bite problems from occlusion can be very painful. When your teeth come in contact improperly with each other, it can really cause problems when eating food or even simple contact such as swallowing. It can cause clenching or grinding which can cause pain and destruction of the teeth - even muscle spasms can be the result of this.

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  • Dental splints

  • Tooth adjustments (equilibration)

  • Replacement of missing teeth

  • Medication

  • Braces - refer to orthodontist

  • Jaw surgery - refer to oral surgeon

Treatment for bite problems

When the problem is left untreated, your teeth fillings and crowns may wear, break, or loosen.

You can suffer from toothache and receding gums. Your jaw muscles have to work harder, which leads to fatigue or muscle spasms, headaches, eye or sinus pain, and pain in the body.


What happens when it isn't treated?

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